Training, sort of

On the 11th of July, I will begin my first bicycle busking tour. Named Fifty Three Bicycles (more on tohat name here), I’ll be starting in Edinburgh and winding my way back to my home in Bristol. Performing as I go, my aim is to be back in time for International Busking Day (Saturday 23 July).

There are a number of challenges.

I’m not as fit as I used to be. 

While I do cycle regularly, it is usually only a few miles a day. I’ve done a cycle tour once before, but I was in my early twenties and I was quite a bit fitter then. I was no Bradley Wiggins, but the belly was a wee bit smaller. I also made the previous trip with a friend and did not do any street performance. We just pedalled, ate, pedalled some more and then camped. We didn’t even make it to the pub! So this will be a learning experience, though I hope the lessons won’t be too painful.

Feel the rhythm


Well, finding the daily rhythm will be the first task.  I have done a few 25-30 mile trips in good and bad weather, over flats and hills and aim to cycle 40-60 miles a day, but the great unknown is the daily rhythm of repeated journeys and performances. Hop on, hope off, amaze and amuse and hope back on again. Hey ho! Let’s go!



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