Somewhere North Of Cambridge.

Hello dear friends and acquaintances, 

If this is your first news ramble from me, Sorry about the, well, erm, rambling and half-finished sentences. Apologies in advance for typos (I’m extremely tired and short on time. I’m trying to be more brief! Check out the content below, or read this update.

Dover is in site! Well, nearly…

The truth is the weather has been unforgiving this last week (of the first week of the trip). I pedalled through two days of rain and floods across Northumberland, after Rachel left me in Berwick-Upon-Tweed to catch the train home. 

I eventually got to Newcastle where I was put up by Juggling Jack Flash (aka Simon). Thank you!

I recovered, did a passable street show and then pedalled on past Durham and onto York. Arriving this past Saturday to do two days of shows in a lovely city. Great food, hospitality (Thank you Andy and Taylor for putting me up and feeding me.) and some good weather. The show I’m performer is different from my usual street show. I’m developing it as I go. It started to come together in York and I feel confident that it might work in other countries too. Let’s see!

Since then I have been pedalling over the Humber  Bridge, into Lincolnshire, Rutland and now in Cambridgeshire. Heavy rain and more flooding ‘forced me out of my bivvy bag and assorted hedgerows into a wonderful inn in Chatteris called the Cross Keys (its left me feeling anything but). It’s very quaint and full of antiques and real ales. Lovely owners, who’ve just been to Edinburgh and Rome, spooky…

Well, thats the short of it. You’ll have to by me a drink to hear the rest, or phone my premium rate phone line for live updates!!! (I don’t have one, but feel free to call me. I can do hands free on the bike and chat between learning Italian.)

Hope you are having a lovely week whether in motion or stationary. Thought for the week. 

“The show is in the showing.”

One for the performers amongst you. It’s sounds more profound if you say it out loud with different pauses for emphasis! 

Love to you x

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