How’s his bottom holding up?

How’s his bottom holding up?

Apparently this is the question my mother’s friends have been asking her most often.

So, here is the answer.

My bottom is holding up very well. It’s not bruised, blemished, sore, mishapen or numb. I think I’ve had a more uncomfortable derrière when attending dinner parties at friends. I won’t name the offending chairs and hosts because the food was delicious and more than made up for the painful wooden chair!

The main reason, I think, is that for this trip I have procured (Thank you sister and brother-in-law for the birthday gift) a Brooks B17 saddle. And, I measured my sit bones before choosing the size. For more info on this, see here.

This has been the most comfortable saddle by a long way that I have ever ridden. Let’s put it this was, I don’t notice it. Ninety percent of the time, I’m just pedalling away. Maybe if its a twelve hour day, I might notice a bit of discomfort at the eleventh hour, but can your comfortable gel saddle do better?

Now, there is a myth that Brooks saddles are uncomfortable at the beginning. There is a wearing in period. Like getting a pair of new shoes. It’s like the dating phase with more immediate close contact and less chat. But not everybody experiences this. I didn’t and I started with a fresh saddle, doing 50-80 miles a day. So, go Brooks. Unless you are vegan. In which case, go vegan! Actually Brooks do non leather saddles, but I am not sure how they compare.

Well, there you go. Hope that satisfies your curiosity. And if you’d like a Brooks saddle, I don’t have a promotional/pay per click link. Just Google it, or even better, find a local bicycle shop that can measure your bottom and stop riding around on the wrong size saddle!

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