The Bicycle Rode The Flea

In the last week I’ve had this sudden thought. A persistent pondering over a feeling I’ve had at times along the road.

Am I riding the bicycle to Rome?

Or, is the bicycle riding me?

Before you think I’ve cracked. I know I am the one waking up every morning and getting onto the bicycle and deciding to pedal (Well, we could go into the existence of free will debate but we won’t).

No dear reader, I’m talking more about the strange sensation when you cycle a lot and you are carrying some weight on your bicycle.

On a slight downhill or uphill, you can pick up speed but still feel some of the weight and Ive noticed when I get up to about 15mph, I have a strange sensation of the bicycle clinging to me as I power on through. Trying to maintain the pace. When my legs feel strong and I maintain a good pace. I start to ponder.

Is it the bicycle taking me to Rome, or am I taking it? On the downhills it is mostly a free ride. Just balance and go. Apply brakes as required.

Ohh, and remember to steer.

On an uphill, the bikes largely taking a rest and letting me (and the gears)

do the work.

But on the flat, or slight inclines and declines, well there is the perfect marriage of person and machine.

It’s at this moment I feel like a giant humans flea that’s been captured by a steel frame. It’s ingenious machinery powering me forward. Teathered to the ground but going forward with more purpose than the blood thirsty thing I was before the arrival of the bicycle. I don’t know if I can really explain this to you. But nevertheless, sometimes I feel like a giant flea, being ridden by a bicycle.

(Credit should go to Flann O’Brien for some forward thinking on the relationship between human and bicycle.)

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