Fifty Three Bicycles: One bicycle, one deck of Bicycle* brand playing cards (See what I did there!?), a magician and a lot of pedalling.


That was the original concept for this site as I set off on a solo cycle busking trip from Edinburgh to Bristol in 2016.

Now I am about to set off on another, slightly longer, journey. Still carrying a deck of cards, but this time a few other items too! Still the name Fifty Three Bicycles for me, nicely sums up the intention. With but a few pieces of paper and a bicycle I aim to entertain and make new friends across Europe, and hopefully feed myself too!

Wilf Keys leaving Edinburgh

Me leaving Edinburgh in 2016. Little did I know!

I’ll also be creating and sharing writing, videos and pictures, telling tales tall and small that I hope dear reader you find of merit and worth. I am no Hemingway, Austin or Lynch, but I shall be sharing new writing, magic and music. I know from previous trips that I will be very tired after riding, but I am resolved to connect with those who want to join the journey in spirit.


If you want to actually join a leg of the journey, drop me an email at mjjkeys (at) gmail (dot) com

*I’m not sponsored by Bicycle playing cards, they are just the industry standard in terms of handling and availability. For the trip, I think it helps that they have some bicycle imagery on them too!

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