Bike Busking

Minstrel, or in Italian ‘ministrello’, were itinerant performers who travelled around Medieval Europe. Initially this term referred to singers, jugglers, magicians, storytellers and poets etc. It then become more associated with just singing and dancing.

The modern busker can to a large extent trace their roots back to these performers. This trip is partly a return to the idea of travelling from town to town performing, rather than the modern equivalent.

Most large street shows today tend to city/festival hop via plane or train. I wanted to try (a probably more costly/foolish approach). But aye, isn’t half the fun to be had in the journey?

Besides, I resonate strongly with the archetype of the fool, and so I am rushing in where unicyclists fear to pedal! 😉


More to come on this page. I will update this as I reflect on the journey and the possibility of making the bicycle-based performer a sustainable and workable approach to travelling a show around Europe and beyond.

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