I will begin the journey in Edinburgh and make my way down the east coast towards Newcastle, before heading inland towards York and then down to Cambridge and on to Canterbury (possibly nipping over to London).

From Canterbury onwards, I will be following the route of Sigeric the Serious, who walked to Rome quite a while ago (c975-990). I mean, if you can’t trust Sigeric’s directions, who can you trust!?

I’m sure the route and geography has not changed much. Luckily, with some EU funding and the work of the European Cycling Federation, the route has been updated and signposted for large sections. Thanks bureaucrats! More information

PS If I really fancy some more cycling, I can continue on from Rome to Brindisi! Let’s see shall we…

Map of Euro Velo 5 Cycling route from Canterbury through to Rome.
EuroVelo 5 – Via Romea (Francigena)
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