Support & Online Tips

This page is for online followers and people I meet who had no cash to tip me during a street show. Cheers! To tip me scroll down, or read the amusing blurb first.

If for some reason you want to say thanks. You enjoyed my show. Believe in what I am trying to do. Or you are just a nice millionaire who met me, then you ca tip below or send me Euros or GBP via bank transfer. Details below.

Just to be clear. I’m not expecting my mates to fund my little adventure. I got myself into this mess! 😉

Cheers and love to you kind friend or stranger.

Still reading? Still want to give me money for being a bit crazy. Well, here you go! PayPal or bank transfer is possible in GBP or Euro!

New inner tubes! Yay!

Basically you are keeping me going on food for a whole day. There will be many carbs, many carbs!!! Thank you!


A luxurious night in an actual bed (instead of on the ground).

Some nights, I'm going to be fed up of looking at the stars. So cheers buddy! (This picture is of a hedge I slept in one night in 2016. It was lovely and damp!)


You can send me Euros and GBP directly via my TransferWise account. This avoids fees. Details are below. Choose the correct account details for the correct currency. And if you do send money, please drop me an email if you want to be known. I’d like to say thanks, unless you want it to be anonymous. X

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